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    Ayurvedic with allopethic medicines (diabetes)
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    TOPIC: Ayurvedic with allopethic medicines (diabetes)
    Ayurvedic with allopethic medicines (diabetes) 3 Years, 1 Month ago  
    Dear acharyaji,
    I have diabetes (blood level) fasting 240 and post 380, it was detected recently. I went to the nearest patanjali chikitsalaya (Hyderabad, A.P). I was not having any symptoms of diabetic patients but when tested it has shown that I am diabetic. I was suggested to use 'madhunashini vati' and 'ashvashila'. Can I use both ayurvedic medicines and allopethic medicines at the same time, if so how many hours gap should be there in administering both medicines. I haven't approached allopathic doctor yet.

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    Re: Ayurvedic with allopethic medicines (diabetes) 2 Years, 12 Months ago Karma: 105
    Dear sir\ mam om,
    In response of your mail , i would like to prescribe u its necessary first maintained your life style .wake up early morning ,drink 1 to 4 glass plain water (in winter Luke warm water) and walk 5 to 10 min. then go for toilet after that u should start yogic practices these are :- :- bhastrika( 2 to 5 min. ), kapalbhanti( 20 min ), bahaya ( 7 time ), anulom-vilom( 20 min.), ujjai( 5 time ), bharamri (11 to 21 time ), udhgeeth (11 to 21 time ), pranav jap (5 min. )and agnisasr kriya (2 min ).you should practice some asana also these are :- suryanamaskar ,uttanpadasana , naukasana , ardhahalasana ,vakrasana , ardhmatsyndrasana , veepretkarni mudra ,mandukasana etc. u should do jal neti , kunjar kriya.,shankhapraksalana and yognidra also. these are shatkarma elements . if u want more information so plz. go our home page and search shatkarma chikitsa . wake up early morning and then go for a healthy walk ,after that do shatkarma process's [ jal neti , kunjar kriya etc. ] and then pranayama , u should do abdominal breathing in shavasana 15 min in a day .accupressure treatment is to good in your problem . For medicine go our home page and send your mail Patanjali vaidhya online .
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