Swami Shankardev Vanprastha Ashram”

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Limited flats are available, Allotment will be made on basis of your application and availability of flats after giving due priority by the systematic consideration. Your donation will be refunded if flat is not alloted. Decision of the organisation i.e. PYP in this regard will be final and acceptable to all. A golden opportunity to find a home away from home with pleasant and comfortable home like environment. H.H. Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji has given a call against black money, corruption and change of system. Those healthy & capable persons of fifty years of age and above who wish to join this movement and serve the motherland can get an opportunity to receive a flat within the campus of Patanjali Yogpeeth by donating normal amount. On the holy land of Haridwar, amidst pious and natural environment, this vanprastha ashram is the best place for service, Meditation, Sat-sang, Yagya, Pranayam & spiritual upliftment with the blessing of H.H. Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji.

vanprasthasarma_img1A Block (Ganga) – 2 BHK 60 Flats

B Block (Yamuna) – 1 BHK 120 Flats

C Block (Saraswati) – 160 Studio Flats

Community Center

Special Regulations and your co-operation solicited in Swami Shankardev Vanprastha Ashram

  1. vanprasthasarma_img2You can stay (self/ wife) in the flat while serving Patanjali Yogpeeth for whole life. After death of both (self/ spouse) Patanjali Yogpeeth will have the rights of the cottage.2. All bills for electricity, gas, maintenance and other will be paid by the donor resident.3. Presently the maintenance fee is Rs. 1000/- for Type A, Rs. 700/- for Type-B and Rs. 500/- for Type-C. You can deposit lump sum for this and monthly deduction will be made. This fee will be increased by 10% after every 3 years.4. The donor resident will ensure that no breakages are done and the flat will be maintained properly.5. The family members can come & stay temporarily but will not be allowed to stay permanantly.6. You will be responsible for your security inside the flat though external security will be en-sured by the trust.7. You will have to follow all rules and regulations. Patanjali Yogpeeth can invoke action against you without notice for any breach of rule/ discipline. You will be yourself responsible for any infringement.

Common Information & Desired Co-operation

  1.  This Vanprastha Ashram belongs to you hence it is your moral duty to ensure that dignity and decorum is maintained.2. No tobacco products and non vagetarian items are allowed to use in any form within campus.3. Please ensure proper maintenance of gardens.4. Do not make noise.5. Use the stand for drying clothes. Do not use doors & windows for this purpose.6. Use water and electricity as per requirement sparingly.7. You should stay indoor after 9 PM except in case of emergency.8. Please inform the management when you desire to go out for a long period.9. Please attend Yoga, Yagna and Satsang, This will ensure spiritual growth and benefit during your stay in Vanprastha Ashram.

Rules and Information Details–>