Yog Gram
Yog Gram is set amidst the silent mounts in a span of about 100 acres by Patanjali Yogpeeth. It is a Gram but has all posh amenities that you could fancy and caters to the needs of everyone, it gives you a chance to give your sickened and wearied body and mind a total overhauling, in the presence of world renowned Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj during the time of camps. You can also have benefit of Ayurvedic Panchkarm, Yogic Satkarm & Naturopathy here, as well.

Situated about 25 kms from Hardwar railway station and about 15 kms from Patanjali Yogpeeth, two routes can be taken, to reach Yog Gram. Going from SIDCUL side, one has to cross a stream, make one's own treks or follow the vehicular treks in the jungle area, thoroughly enjoying the nature's adventure. The occasional flight of peacocks, Maina, Eagle, Baj and Boraiya and colourful sparrows on the way cannot be missed. The other route is while coming by National Delhi highway to Hardwar, follow the diversion from Bahadrabad along the canal crossing the Gram Dhanori, Bairaj bridge, driving past Teliwala, you reach Aurangabad. From here Yog Gram is just about a km away.


This newly built Yog Gram is absolutely in tune with the peace and self-discovery what a modern spiritual Gram can offer. If you have been making your millions but tearing your nerves to shreds in the bargain, then come here for some repair and relaxation. But mind it; you have to make bookings well in advance as the rejuvenation Yog camps are held as per categories of participants, during different parts of the year.
One's eyes may tire seeing the beauty of this Gram but the heart still pines for more and more. Watching sunrise from a cottage with archaic mountains and forests at the backdrop is today a luxury for any modern city dweller. Here at Yog Gram, your vision is not barred by concrete structures instead it is nourished by the natural misty air that reaches you after touching the natural flora of Shivalik hills.

The sound of 'OM' echoes in the whole valley with the starting of the Yog class at 5 a.m in the morning at the spiritual Gram. Established just in a span of 70 days, this Yog Gram is a marvel on its own and is enroute to be recorded in the Guinness book of world records.It was a Herculean task to complete the project in such a little time in which every nearby Gram had put his share, says Acharya Balkrishna  of Patanjali Yogpeeth. The lady who had worked 20 hours a day in getting done the decorative carvings and embellishments on the front walls of the cottages was given a special appreciation by the Chief Minister at the inauguration function of Yog Gram on 9th June. Many additions like making of a small lake & herbal garden etc. have been made.

The Yog Gram consists of about 250 ecofriendly well furnished cottages with A.C. and Non A.C. facilities. The Gram has following unique features:


a. Herbal Garden : A celestial beauty pervades the inner atmosphere of the Gram, the external surroundings such as roads, paths etc. have been made beautiful by planting variety of lovely and attractive flowers, creepers, trees and grass lawns to make the visitors so happy that they are lost amidst the beauties of nature. Rare medicinal plants, collected from all parts of country including Himalayan region were planted on vast area, in systematic way to conserve rare medicinal plants from extinction and to encourage their nourishment in the region, which facilitates fresh use of flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds and skin of the medicinal plants for treatment and further research.

In coming times, this Yog Gram will develop into a medicinal herbal forest aesthetically developed in an eco friendly Gram. 1.5 lac trees have already been planted under the stewardship of Swami Muktanandji of Patanjali Yogpeeth.

b.Routine Medical Check Up : The facility of routine medical checkup by competent physicians is available in the Gram.

c.Dispensary : To distribute Ayurvedic Medicines to patients, there is Dispensary in the Gram.

d. Centre for Nature Care: A centre for treatment and research through natural ways has been established to treat people by naturopathy.

e.Centre for Panchkarma & Satkarma : A centre for Panchkarma & Satkarma treatment is a part & parcel of the Gram.

f. Yajnashala/ Zadibuti Chikitsha : Yajna is a means of purifying the atmosphere, attainment of worldly pleasure and prosperity and inner tranquility. It is also a means of relief from miseries and diseases. A large Yajna Shala is inside the premises of Yog Gram, where one can seek the spiritual and worldly benefit of Yajna (Agnihotra).

g.Auditorium : The Gram has an Auditorium of huge capacity, in which about one thousand persons at a time can practice Yog & Pranayam.

h. Administrative Block : All types of administrative works for the smooth functioning of Gram setup, an Administrative Block is the part of the Gram.

i. Call Centre : The Gram is equipped with a Call Centre. Also there is a facility of telephone and internet available in the Gram.

Other Highlights :Boating, camel riding, horse riding are some of the attractions of this Yog Gram. It has once again revived our age-old concept of Indian Grameen culture where visitors can cherish our Indian culture in its original form with their families. The cottages decorated in traditional styles give an ambience of various Indian states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Even the furniture used is traditionally styled in bamboo and other woods. Straw huts housing the Ayurvedic Panchkarm, Yogic Satkaram & Naturopathy can be utilized by patients.

For Further Details go to http://www.yoggram.divyayoga.com



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