Shalakya Dental Clinic & Research Centre

Ancient ayurveda was the first therapy system in the human civilization, who gave first time dental treatment around 800BC as recorded in the ancient literature. In the ancient world, the practice of surgery and dental surgery has been recorded in Indian literature. Acharya Sushruta was the first to study human anatomy with aid of dead body. He also performs general surgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmic surgery and dental surgery. He described different type of dental and gum problem. Many surgical concepts and treatment of ancient ayurvedic science has also been adopted in the modern medical and surgical procedure.

dental_img1Under the noble mission of P.P. Swami Ramdev Ji & Acharya Balkrishan Ji Maharaj, we are offering complete preventive and curative dental care under the supervision of experts and qualified doctors in a world class dental clinic.


Our primary objective is to make people free of dental diseases irrespective of their place and country. Primarily we are trying to prevent the dental and gum diseases by educating and motivating the patients and general public for Pranayam, Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and proper brushing technique and also educating the patients about the effects of Pranayam on dental & gum diseases.

Along the dental care education, we give a complete dental check-up to diagnose the dental diseases, if any. We treat the patient by latest and sophisticated dental equipment and materials. We are performing all type of dental treatments with the maximum possible quality as guided by the Pujyaneeya Swami Ji & Acharya Ji.


dental_img21. Dental Chairs : We have three dental chairs in the clinic out of which one chair is the world’s best chair (Gnatus dental chair of Brazil) and rest two chairs are India’s best chairs of confident.

The Chairs are equipped with :

A. Ultra sonic scaler

B. Air polisher unit

C. Fibro optic air motor

D. Light cure unit

E. Sensor Lights

2. Root Canal Equipments :

A. Apex locator (NSK Japan).

B. Endomate DT (NSK Japan) for biomechanical preparation of canal & protaper files.

C. Gutta Purcha heating system (obtura).

D . Digital pulptester.

dental_img33. Electrocautary Unit : For minor surgical procedure.

4. Diagnodent Pen (Kavo) : For detecting the minute caries lesion with the help of laser beam.

5. Randoflex Plus (Kavo) : For small caries lesion and pit & fissure caries.

6. Intra Oral Camera with LCD Screen.

7. Dental X-Ray with Radio Visiography Technology (Planmeca).


dental_img4The team comprises of knowledgeable & qualified three Doctors and highly skilled one dental Hygienist and four dental assistants, all are dedicated to serve the institution best of our services.

Facilities available at our Dental Clinic :

Free dental health check-ups.

Comprehensive dental examination and diagnosis.

Dental health education.

Scaling (Teeth cleaning & polishing).

Gum Treatment.

D ental Fillings.

Esthetic Fillings.

dental_img5Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Acrylic Denture- CD & RPD.

Fixed Crown & bridge(Metal Porcelain).

Dental X-ray.

Dental Implants.

Tariff in Dental Clinic & Research centre


(details of fee will be shown as post/products)

Sl. No. Product Name MRP
(1). Comprehensive Periodontal Diagnoses Free
(2). Dental Health Education Free
(3). Dental Motivation Free
(4). Dental Examination & Diagnoses Free
(5). Sub Gingival Curettage (Per Segment) Rs. 150/-
(6). Occlusal Therapy(Per Segment) Rs. 200/-
(7). Oral Prophylaxis(Full Mouth) Rs. 500/-
(8). Periodontal Splinting Rs. 400/-
(9). Minor Periodontal Surgery
a. Gingival Abcess Drainage Rs. 100/-
b. Periodontal Abcess Drainage Rs. 150/-
c. Pappilectomy Rs. 150/-
d. Localized Gingivectomy Rs. 200/-
(10). Major Periodontal Surtery
a. Gingivoplasty Rs. 500/-
b. Gingival Grafting Rs. 500/-
c. Tooth Auto Transplantation Rs. 800/-
(11). Periosseous Surgery Rs. 500/-
(1). Reduction of TMJ Joint Free Free
(2). Simple Extraction Rs. 50/-
(3). Treatment of Acute Pain Rs. 50/-
(4). Surgical Extraction Rs. 200/-
(5). Impaction Surgery / Third Molar Extraction Rs. 500/-
(6). Cystectomy Rs. 1000/-
(7). Alveoloplasty Rs. 200/-
(8). Oro-facial Abcess Drainage Rs. 200/-
(9). Apicectomy Rs. 1000/-
(1). Temporary Fillings (Medicinal Fillings) Free
(2). Prophylactic Filling (Pit &Fissures) Rs. 200/-
(3). Permanent Fillings
a.Composite Filling Rs. 400/-
b. Glass Ionomer Fillings Rs. 200/-
(4). Miracle Mix Filling Rs. 400/-
(5). Composites Laminates Rs. 400/-
(1). Pulpotomy Rs. 100/-
(2). Therapeutic Pulpotomy Rs. 100/-
(3). Root Canal Treatment (Pulpectomy) Rs. 1000/-
(4). Third Molar RCT Rs. 1500/-
(1). Medicinal Fillings Free
(2). Permanent Fillings (G.I.C.) Rs. 200/-
(3). Extraction Free
(4). Abcess Drainage Rs. 50/-
(5). Space Maintainers Rs. 500/-
(6). Habit Breaking Appliance Rs. 1000/-
(1). Ortho Comprehensive Diagnosis Free
(2). Hawley ’s Appliance (Labial arch wire) Rs. 1000/-
(3). Bite Plate Rs. 200/-
(4). Finger Spring Rs. 1000/-
(5). Jaw Expansion Device Prosthodontics Rs. 1000/-
(6). Fixed appliance Treatment (Ortho Treatment) Rs. 1800/-
(1). Relining of Denture Rs. 400/-
(2). Denture Repair Rs. 200/-
(3). Removal Partial Denture Rs. 150/- + 50/-
(4). Immediate Denture Rs. 6000/-
(5). Removal Complete Denture Rs. 4000 – 6000/-
(6). Porcelain Crown Rs. 1000 – 1500/Unit
(7). Special Porcelain Crown Rs. 2500/Unit
(8). Metal Crown Rs. 800/Unit
(1). Intraoral Pariapical Radiograph (IOPA) Rs. 50/-
(2). Bite Wing Radiograph Rs. 50/-
(3). Occlusal Radiograph Rs. 100/-
(1). Full Crown Acrylic Metal Fused Porcelain
(2). Mucoperiosteal Full Thickness Flap Surgery
(3). Fixed Partial Denture (Crown & Bridge)
(4). Partial Thickness Mucoperiosteal Surgery
(5). Full Mouth Gingivectomy
(6). Bone Grafting
(7). Pariapical Camentotomy