ent_imgAlmost all the cases mentioned in our classics and modern are coming to our daily OPD.We have a good OPD facility with attached space for examination and various therapeutically procedures including General ward ,Pay ward and Specialty rooms are also available. In Shalakya ENT – clinic & Research center all Ayurvedic procedure (Kria karma) related to Shalakya where done under the guidance of Specialized doctors and fully skilled therapist. Acute as well as chronic cases are treated here as OPD and IPD with good success rate. Each patient is systemically examined and scientifically evaluated for Doshik predominance. For accurate diagnosis along with classical parameters we are doing all modern investigations also.

ent_img1Brief description about EYE, ENT and Head disease which Treatmcsoment facilities available.

Treatment facilities available related to all Eye disease like High myopia, Conjuctivitis, Dry eye syndrome, Glucoma, Uveitis,Dibetic retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, Retinitis pigmentosa, Retinal inflammatory diseases, Retinal degeneration, Cataract etc. which are treated by the following procedure methods (Kria karma).

Treatment facilities available related to all Ear disease like Sensory neural deafness, conductive deafness, Tinittus, Pus discharge (CSOM), External otitis, otomycosis, Eustachian tube disfunction etc. can be treated by the following procedure methods (Kria karma).

Treatment facilities available related to all Nose disease like Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Polyp, Epistaxis etc. can be treated by the following procedure methods (Kria karma).

Treatment facilities available related to all Throat & mouth disease like Stomatitis, Tonsilitis,laryngitis etc. can be treated by the following procedure methods (Kria karma).

Treatment facilities available related to all Head disease like Headache ( Migrane, Cluster headache, Tension headache , Neurological headache etc) ,Virtigo, Alopecia, Grey hair, Hair fall etc. can be treated by the following procedure methods (Kria karma). Some other Disease like Trigeminal neuralgia, Acne can also be treated by the following procedure methods (Kria karma).

Brief description about some procedure methods related to EYE, ENT and Head disease (Kria karma):-

A schyothanam:-

ent_img2Advice in Starting stage of a Disease, Milder form of a Disease or in poorva rupaavastha Advice patienet related to Pain,Pricking,Pain,Itching, Irritation, Lacrimation ,Burning sensation ,redness in eye etc.

Seka :-
Advised in acute form of a disease Or in a severe form of a disease like nayanaabhighata (injury of Eyes), Acute inflamatary disease.

Anjanam :-
Use As a preventive measure, After subsiding inflammatory changes,Kapha predominant conditions, Heaviness of eyes,Thick dense discharge,Itching etc.

To nourish,irrigate or gladdish. It is indicated for vata pitta vikaras for curative and preventive effects. Administered only after the severity of symptoms such as redness, lacrimation, pain, foreign body sensation, exudative discharges are reduced. Weakness, tiredness, Paralysis of eye,Xerophthalmia ,Dry eye,Traumas,Dimness of vision,Sub conjunctival Haemorage, Glaucoma, Sphenoidal sinusitis,Occular pain etc.

Vidalakam :-
The nethrakriyakrama in which medicine in kalka form is placed over the closed eyes and cheenabandha is done.Indicated mainly in all Abhishyandas etc.

JALOOKAVACHARANA in Eye:- The method of removing vitiated blood by using medicinal leeches .Indicated in pitta and rakta predominant diseases. Easiest and convenient method of removing vitiated blood from the body.

The procedure of applying medicinal paste on the face ,Highly effective in netra rogas Specially indicated in Paithika thimira and linganasa vedha upadravas.

Karna dhoopanam :-
Indicated in otrrhoea after dry mopping, Otomycosis. It is the procedure of applying medicated smoke or fumes in the ear.

Karnapooranam :-
ent_img3Indicated in karnasoola, karna nadam(Tinittus), Badiryam , karna kswedam, karnapaka, and krimi karna .

Karna avachoornanam:-
Dusting the medicated fine powder in to the external auditory canal.Indicated in poothikarnam( External otitis) Dhoomapana :- Inhalation of medicated fume either through nose or mouth is called dhoomapana. It is Indicated especially in kapha vata vikara and Jatruurdhvaja for its prevention and cure.

ent_img4Kriya Karmas in Shalakyatantra (Ayurvedic treatment Procedures)

S.no    Name of Procedures    Fee

(details of fee will be shown as post/product)


Sl. No. Product Name MRP
(1). Seka Rs.100/-
(2). Ksheer Seka Rs.100/-
(3). Aschotana Rs.50/-
(4). Anjanam Rs.50/-
(5). Anjanam Rs.100/-
(6). Tharpana Rs.200/-
(7). Putapak Rs.200/-
(8). Pindi Rs.100/-
Others- Vidalaka
(1). Eye Exercise Rs.50
2. Surgical Methods
(1). Chedanam Rs.300/-
(2). Lekhanam Rs.300/-
(3). Bhedanam Rs.300/-
(4). Sira Vedha Rs.200/-
(5). Kuttanam Rs.100/-
3. Para Surgical Methods
(1). Jaloukavacarana in both Eye Rs.500/-
(2). Jaloukavacarana in one Eye Rs.300/-
(3). Kshara Rs.200/-
(4). Agnikarma Rs.200/-
1) Kriya Karmas (Procedures ) Under Karna Roga :
(1). Karna prakshalana Rs.200/-
(2). Karna pramarjana Rs.50/-
(3). Karna Dhupanam Rs.100/-
(4). Karna Puranam Rs.150/-
(5). Karnamala Nirharan Rs.50/-
(6). Karna Avacuranam Rs.100/-
(7). Kerana Lepanan Rs. 100/-
2) Kriya karmas (procedures) under Nasa Roga :
(1). Pratimarsa Nasyam Rs. 50/-
(2). Marsa Nasyam Rs. 300/-
(3). Nasal packing Rs. 100/-
(4). Kalk Lepa Rs. 100/-
(5). Kshara/tutha application on polyp Rs. 100/-
(6). Dhuma pana Rs.100/-
3) Kriya karmas (procedures) under Mukha Roga :
(1). Gandusha Rs.100/-
(2). Kabala Rs.100/-
(3). Mukha Lepa Rs.200/-
4) Kriya karmas (procedures) under Siro Roga :
(1). Tala Poticchil Rs. 200/-
(2). Talam Rs. 50 /-
(3). Sirobhyanga Rs. 150/-
(4). Siro Dhara (Tail) Rs.500/-
(5). Siro Dhara (Kwath) Rs. 350/-
(6). Takra Dhara Rs. 350/-
(7). Siro Pichu Rs.150/-
(8). Pracchana Rs.200/-
(9). Jaloukavacarna Rs.200/-
(10). Locally Rs.150/-
(11). Greeva Vasti Rs. 200/-
(12). Ksheer Dhoom Rs.100/-