i. Patanjali Research Institute (Herbal Garden Site)

ii. Patanjali Yogpeeth-I

i. Patanjali Research Institute:

Patanjali Yogpeeth has recently established Patanjali Research Institute to globally establishing the Great Vedic knowledge of Ayurveda of our Ancient Indian Saints and Sages. Following departments will work under Patanjali Research Institute:

  • Ayurveda Drug Screening & Research:

An International standard modern research lab is going to be established at Patanjali Research Institute in Ayurveda Drugs Screening & Research Department. Following screening & research works will be performed at the said research lab, so that, the mankind will be benefited by Ayurveda:

  1. Pre Clinical Toxicology

  2. Drug Standardisation

  3. Drug Screening

  4. Drug Safety

  5. Pharmacology

  6. Pharmacognosy

  7. Chronic diseases study

  8. Drug Discovery

  9. Animal …………………..

  • Herbal Garden & Medicinal Plant Research:

  • Composition of Herbal Encyclopedia

  • Restoration, Protection & Republication of Ancient Classic/ Manuscripts

ii. Patanjali Yogpeeth-I

  • Yog Research Department

  • Composition of Yog Encyclopedia