Lwords-of-wisdomife is the greatest blessing of God. Our birth as a human being is the greatest gift of God. To live life for trivial pursuits is an insult to life. If we make full use of our potential, we can become great persons, apostle and super persons.

Everybody has good and bad qualities. By getting linked to yoga, bad qualities are eliminated, and good qualities are enhanced.

I am the representative of God.

My brain is endowed with the radiance, intellect, insight and discerning power of a brāhmaṇa.

I am the immortal son of Mother Bhārati, ‘‘Mātā bhūmih putrohaÅ prthivyāh”.

Persons given to hatred, slander, envy and jealousy are always haunted by the fear that somebody who is the object of their hatred may not start hating and slandering them.

My God exists within the soul of every creature. I am, first and foremost, the son of Mother Bhārati and thereafter a renunciant (saÅnyāsī), householder, actor, employee, officer or businessman.

idaÅ rāṣṭrāya idanna mama,”-this life of mine is for the sake of my nation.

A fault-finder likes to look inside and out of the life of others, but does not want to look inside and out of himself.

I am always in the Lord, and my Lord is always in me.

I am fortunate to be born in this sacred land country.

I will worship Mother Bhārati with the flower he remains immersed in his noble actions.

Knowledge does not mean merely knowing; it is rather identifying yourself with something.

There should be firmness, not stubbornness; bravery, not rashness, compassion, not weakness.

The fire of determination burns inside me incessantly.

The path of my life is always illumined.

Always keep your face happy and smiling. Give happiness to others, and you will get happiness.

All the four sacred shrines lie in the feet of parents. Parents are the God on this earth.

Adopt the culture of worshipping your mother, your father, your teacher, and your guest;- “ mātr devo bhave, pitr devo bhava, ācāryadevo bhava, atithidevo bhava”.

Never forget your past; remembering our past saves us from going wrong.

If we keep remembering our childhood and our mother’s womb, we can never be ungrateful to our parents.

If one remembers one’s past, one shall find one’s feet firmly planted on earth even after making sky-high achievements.

A person wasting his time in slandering and applauding somebody is simply an object of pity, merly childish.

Happiness comes from inside, not from outside.

God always gives us more than our capability, deserts and industry.

Ayurveda is a safe medical system linked to our soil, our culture and our nature.

We believe in the culture of bringing about changes by our conduct, not by more preaching.

Sweet and effective speech originates from the purity of thinking.

By dint of thoughts I can turn every defeat into victory.

If a person can become characterless by impure thoughts, he can also culturally refined by pure and noble thoughts.

Not to burn in the fires of malicious indignation on being slandered, and always keeping one self stable and equanimous,- this indeed is the basis of progress.

The cause of our happiness-unhappiness is not other persons or circumstances but our own good and bad thoughts.

Ideological impoverishment is the cause of unhappiness, want, pain and degradation of the country.

Ideological firmness is of critical importance for the happiness, prosperity and development of the country.

Our living in this world and going from this world,- both should be glorious.

Good health is our birth-right.

A person should not lose heart till his last breath. Our mind is not purified without doing an act of service, and the essence of Supreme Soul is not realized without purity of mind.

Worship the character, not the picture of a person. Food determines the nature and temperament of a person.

Vegetarian food gives you calm temperament. Non- vegetarian food makes you hot-headed.

Our inner self is infested with tainted and polluted thoughts. It can be refined only by the practice.

This body is a shrine, a śіvālaya. This body is a temple of God.

Eat seasonal, limited and favourable food. (ritabhuk, mitabhuk, hitabhuk), Make your body healthy by consuming pure and simple, balanced and wholesome food.

Man is vegetarian by nature. His anatomy is that of a vegetarian creature; it is a scientific truth.

You have in you the immense capacity, strength and energy to make the impossible possible.

With your prowess, valour and courage you can write a new history on the sands of time.

Time is wealth. Time never pardons a person who does not respect Time, does not keep pace with Time.

Be non-discriminating everywhere. Treat every body equally, but it is not always possible.

There is no religion greater than national ethos, and there is no god greater than nation-deity. National interest reigns supreme.

Ayurveda, naturotherapy and yoga, which have no harmful side-effects, shall be re-established in our land of rishis (sages and seers).

That nation cannot be well-protected where the badership is lacking in enterprise, humility, transparency and foresight.

Insult of woman is insult of mother. The real beauty of a woman is not in her body, but in her modesty.

Using a foreign language as your national language is a matter of utter shame and humiliation.

The doom of that society or nation is inevitable where the noble are not revered and respected, and of education is a nationalist.

One who is resolved for full development and research of indigenous medical systems like yoga, ayurveda, unani, siddha, etc. is a nationalist.

One who loves Indian languages and the national language, and accords the highest place to the national language is a nationalist.

One who does not use in his daily life foreign items manufactured with zero technology is a nationalist.

Love a hundred year long life of action; this is the only noble path of life. Action is religion.

Worship your God with your action. Action is worship.

Bliss is attained through constant self-introspection and awakening the supreme intellect.

vasudhaiva kutumbakam”-The whole world is my family before being Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, etc., we are all human beings, and God the Supreme Lord, is the father of all of us.

Let us say with pride that we are one.

We are not the supporters of sectarianism and provincialism; we are the supporter of nationalism, humanitarianism and spiritualism.

My throbbing, pulsations and breaths are for the sake of motherland.

A noble person lives by this ideal be carefree, be busy, be contented.

If the bloodbath in this world can be prevented by any measure, it is the astānga (eight-limbed) yoga.

One who does not love the land, culture, civilization and people of this country, and does not feel proud should accord the topmost priority to national interest.

The history of the whole world is witness to the fact that when crores of people of a country launch a movement, the systems, ruling powers and history undergo a change, and the impossible becomes possible.

To encourage alcohol responsible for the deaths of millions of people does not mean protection of human rights and freedom.

If we are sensitive we can liberate millions of sick persons from pain and suffering.

These traders and liquor mafia guilty of the death of the people of our country and children of crores of people should be tried for murder, and put behind the bars or sentenced to death.

It is a crime to vote in a drunken state.

We will not govern, but will not tolerate exploitation in the name of governance.

My political ideology is-all-party and no-party (independent). In all the parties, those who are noble and men of untainted character are my own;- that is why I am all-party. And in all the parties there are quite corrupt, dishonest and characterless persons with whom I have got nothing do;- that is why I am no-party (independent).

Unity is strength. When stones are put together a building is erected. When threads are woven together cloth is made, and when limbs and organs unite our body is made.

When the corrupt can forge a unity, why can good and noble persons not unite and put an end to.

The interest of the patient has topmost priority: the day this principle gains acceptance in the field of health-care all clashes and conflicts between systems of medicine will come to an end, and destructive debate will be replaced by creative dialogue.

Instead of hankering after liberation and heaven, do some action.

Don’t either be a sick person or a pleasure-sicker; be a yogī.

Brahmacarya (celibacy) is the only means of self-preservation against the devastation of prāma (life-breath) and mind in this world full of sensual temptations.

Active meditation means- Be always awake, always vigilant, always natural and spontaneous, always discerning. Shedding away of ego is dedication.

We have a glorious, hoary past harking back to 1,96,08,53,109 years.

Vairāgya (non-allatchment) is not escapism, but the climax of discernment (viveka).

Neither an escape from life, nor a fear of death; we have to maintain equanimity;- this is yoga. Living life with non-attachment without having any desire for the fruit of your action is saÅnyāsa (sacraments).

That which makes you realize the truth and emancipates you from falsehood is satsaÆga (noble company/ assembly).

Faith is mother, belief is father; faith (śraddhā) is the feeling of divine knowledge. Faith is the attachment of true knowledge and a stepping-stone to supreme peace.

One should not misuse one’s strength, insult knowledge and doubt trust.

Skepticism in life is like virus in the computer. It is on the foundation of formative influences (saÅskāras) that the edifice of life and the empire of the world is built.

To live in the present only is yoga.

Balance/ equilibrium is the eternal principle of world and life. Balance itself is health. All disorders stem from physical and emotional imbalance, unrestraint, irregularity and extremes.

The concept of complete health can be realized only through yoga and āyurveda.

A yogī should never think of himself as destitute, miserable helpless and forlorn.

My action is my religion.

I am not an individual; I epitomize the whole nation.

My Lord has endowed me with a legacy of patience like about of earth, radiance like that of Fire, speed like that of Wind, coolness like that of Water, and vastness like that of Sky.

National ethos is the greatest religion. Nation-god is the greatest deity, and loving the nation is the love of the highest order.

National interest is the topmost priority. The nation is everything to me.

Mistakes should not be repeated; their repetition hinders the progress, and spiritual strength is debilitated.

We should give religion a form which is acceptable and peace by re-establishing on this earth the culture of ancient sages and seers (rishis) through yoga movement.

It’s paradise on the land of Bharat; its water is elixir. Every child is brave Bhagat Singh, and every sister is Jhansi Ki Rani.

Only those persons can be true disciplinarians, rulers or leader who have in their temperament the tenderness of a flower and the firmness and hardness of thunderbolt.